“Everything evolves, transforms and can improve.”

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I found an old photo in my memories … It’s me.
The day it was taken I remember that I never imagined what would happen next and where I would be now, but at the same time, in my heart, I knew I could do whatever I wanted.
Several years have passed since that shot, I look back and despite the thousand breakdowns that have occurred and that I have now removed from my memory, I am sure that it went exactly as it should have been. I have never closed the doors for something magnificent.
I take a closer look at the photo.
I smile as I notice the way I wore makeup and dressed. Maybe before I knew how to do it in the best way I could, then over time you realize that you could improve shades or tones, but if you didn’t start, you wouldn’t understand what looks best on you.
This photo inspires me a lot.
I realize that every single day that I have lived has brought me here. Everything certainly happens for a reason, but I keep wondering if life events are taking you where you needed to go. What is certain is that it will never be a destination.
New doors will simply open and take you to other places. As even now …. Everything I am experiencing is taking me somewhere and yet another. Nothing is random. Ilaria Cafagno

“If you have an idea, whatever it is, start realizing it right away, what matters is to do it, only afterwards will you be able to realize its true nature. Everything evolves, transforms and can improve. Your idea, your project, will grow with you and take you to places that you would never have imagined before “