“Life is made up of unexpected coincidences that can be fueled by change”

vista mare finestrino treno cromatina

For a few days I have been thinking about coincidences.

Being in a certain place at a specific time. Maybe by mistake, because you decided to take a different route to get home, or because you missed the train and waited for the next one … and you find yourself with the people of that precise moment … I was thinking about this while I was on the train a few days ago.

I should have taken it hours earlier, but I preferred to delay a bit and as I looked out the window I wondered … “If I had taken it a few hours ago I would not have enjoyed this beautiful light … or I wouldn’t have seen and met these people, but others … ” My thoughts brought me back to the concept of coincidence and how everything changes based on these small and sometimes even “stupid” choices we make during the day. I took a photo to capture the view from the window. I got exciting immersed in my thoughts thanks to the light and the sea in the background. I felt lucky and thankful for some reason and wanted to keep that feeling for as long as possible. Because, with all the chaos in this life, I find it hard to find a moment to be grateful.


“When you decide to carry out your project, roads that you have never seen before will begin to open up in front of you.
It will seem magical to realize how what you have been looking for with so much difficulty comes knocking directly on your door. Life is made up of unexpected coincidences that can be fueled by change. Sometimes it is enough to take a train or simply change direction to generate new emotions that will move you towards what you need to realize and fulfill yourself. “