“Dive into the most hidden abysses of your being, face your fears and come back the winner”

Tuffati negli abissi affronta le tue paure citazione viaggio cromatina

“There is a moment in life when we are tested. There is a moment in which pain, suffering, fear is experienced. There is a moment when you feel shipwrecked between the confusion of thoughts and the There is a moment when you think you have lost control of yourself, a moment when you believe that you are dependent on something else, that you are at the mercy of the events that are happening until you take your breath away. It is in this very moment that you really understand who you are and what you really want. Nothing and no one will be able to stop you if you reach the depths of yourself, where the willpower resides, where even hope surrenders to the vital energy of action. Here everything is settled, everything heals and everything you wanted becomes reality. It is like this for each of your projects, for each real desire, for each suffering to be extinguished. Dive into the innermost depths of your being, face your fears and come back as a winner. “