“True wealth lies in giving the world ideas that can make reality better”

Those marks we have on the face, around the eyes, on the forehead…
what we commonly call ‘wrinkles’… which one morning, looking in the mirror, we discover almost frightened…
they are signs of the passing of time… and of the experiences that remain.
don’t keep putting it off…
do it today
if it is in your head, it means that you are able to dream it and make it happen…. So that, over time, those marks on the face glow with meaning

Ilaria Cafagno

Everything around us is the result of the projection of our mind.
Thought through action creates reality instant after instant, moment after moment, inexorably.
Be aware, you affect your time, and leave a trace of your existence, every project you create is the fruit of your mind, a trace of your passage, just as your every sign on your face is a trace of your time, a memory of your past, an archive of your memories. Everything good that you have achieved will be useful to the world, will nourish your most beautiful memories, will give time back to your time.
True wealth lies in giving the world ideas capable of making reality better, in harmony and balance with every atom of which the existing matter is made up.
Only in this way will every sign of the past exclude time leaving room for eternity, and every memory will itself become your reality.