Who we are

Cromatina® is an incubator and accelerator of ideas. It is the point of reference for those who would like to carry out their own project, but do not yet have the intuition necessary to get involved, and for those who have a clear business plan and would like to implement it. Cromatina® is the creative partner able to guarantee innovation, research and development to individuals or companies that want to structure new Start-Ups, companies or services. Our source of growth is ideas, in every field and for every application.

Our mission

We at Cromatina® are convinced that feeling fulfilled by achieving one’s goals helps each individual to improve their community and all the places in which it thrives.

For this reason, the purpose of Cromatina® is to help anyone who wants to realize their Ideas by making creativity, competence and expertise available: anyone who proposes a project, has a dream or wants to make a thought come true, will receive the support of a company with a mission healthy, which really aims to make the community a better place to live.

What kind of ideas and in what field

Creativity and ideas have no limits. Cromatina ® is a workshop of ideas of any kind and for any need, whether it’s creating a product or studying a service. Cromatina ® is that mechanism able to position itself perfectly wherever it is needed, it is a tested structure. solid and flexible enough to best adapt to the most varied changes and needs. at any stage of the design. It is the necessary and ideal “teamwork” to become the true protagonists of our time.

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