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From idea to reality

We are creatives and developers of ideas convinced that the impossible does not exist, because what we live today is the impossible of yesterday.

At the service of companies

We work together with entrepreneurs to find new opportunities. We are open to change and transformation and always ready to face new challenges.

For those who have a dream to realize

We develop your idea step by step, protecting and supporting it to bring it to life and help it grow.

Trademarks and patents

Find out how to license trademarks and patents. Become part of the Cromatina® group

What we offer you:​

How to bring a Start-Up to life

Brainstorming | Incubazione | Accelerazione

A real factory of ideas that makes its creativity available to deal with each proposal, study its implementation and start any project by making its expertise available.

Investor Pitch | Business Plan | LaunchCrowd

Even the most brilliant idea needs funding and goals. For this, we offer the elaboration of a structured speech directed to potential investors, the creation of a business plan to organize each phase of the project and the preparation and implementation of the official market launch.

Brand Identity | Grafica | Siti Web | App

Whether you want to start a project from scratch or renew the image of a product or service, we are ready to develop a brand identity, graphics and ad hoc websites and/or apps, so to start telling the project in a cross-media and coherent way.

Ricerca Fondi | Crowdfunding | Istruttoria Bandi

When private funding is not enough to support a project, we come into play with our fundraising, crowdfunding and tender preliminary investigation services to take advantage of all public funding proposals.

Consulenza Strategica | Marchi e Brevetti | Marketing

Every project needs to renew itself and structure new targets if it wants to keep up with the market. With our strategic consultancy services, investigation of trademarks and patents and marketing consultancy, you are always up-to-date on present trends and in step with future changes.

What you need:

  • An idea

  • A high dose of enthusiasm

  • Cromatina® Team